Our Shooting Range Fees and Membership Programs


All Annual Memberships give you an unlimited range time.

All of the following memberships give you an unlimited range time. However, during busy times, you will be limited to (1) hour.

Gilbert Indoor Range

Annual Unlimited Range Time, Discount on Ammo

Individual Basic – $295 | Renewal $245 HQL Discount $235 

​Family – $495.00 | Renewal $425.00 Spouse or significant other and dependent children under 21 living in the same household.

Ammo Pricing for Annual Members

9MM FMJ 50 Rounds $16.95

40 S&W 50 Rounds $27.95

45 ACP 50 Rounds $27.95

38 SPL 50 Rounds $29.95

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

New Annual Hourly $100 for the year plus $20 per hour plus a discount on ammo.

Trial Membership

$20.00 Unlimited range time for the day.

Weekly Trial Membership

$30.00 Unlimited range time for the week.

Law Enforcement/Security/ Professional Firefighter/Military Officer

$150.00 | Renewal $125.00

All Prices Are Subject to Change Without Notice

Corporate Rates

10 or more individuals are available.

Contract Security Guard

$150.00 | Renewal $125.00 

*Membership must be renewed prior to expiration to qualify for the renewal rates.

Firearm Storage Fees

Store your firearms in our safe secure vault. This service allows you to keep your firearm at the range, ready for your shooting enjoyment anytime. Additionally, it may prevent the firearm from being stolen, damaged, or misused. 

Weekly Monthly Yearly
Members $15.00 $25.00 $65.00
Nonmembers $25.00 $30.00 $75.00
Gilbert Indoor Range



Gun Rentals

To rent one of our firearms you must be accompanied by another person. 

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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