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HQL and Basic Pistol Class

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New Range Hours: 12:00 – 8:00 pm Special Exclusive Hours for Annual Members Only: Saturday and Sunday 10 – 12 noon

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Maryland Handgun Qualification Course (HQL) Now Offered Virtually Discounted With Annual Basic Membership

“HQL virtual course is now offered on the same day and time as the in-person HQL course.

Free month membership of unlimited range time from date
of class.

Costs $60.00 plus rentals and ammo. Plus a free month of unlimited range time—click on book now for calendar and dates.

Maryland and Washington, DC conceal carry course.

Utah Conceal Carry (Recognized in 30 States) Is Offered on the Same Day of the HQL.

Ammo prices for annual members 9mm $17.95, 40 S&W 27.95, 45 $24.95, 38spl 24.95 subject to change without notice.
Must have two people to rent one of our firearms.”

Gilbert Indoor Range