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We Now Offer Both In-Person and Virtual HQL Classes

  • Special HQL class annual membership for only $135 or
  • Free month of unlimited range time from the date of the class
  • HQL in-person, book online by clicking the yellow "Book Now" on the main page.
  • HQL virtual class is held on the same day as the physical class. Click on the yellow "Book Now" on the main page and book a class that is open. You will need a computer with a camera and down the Google meet app to your device. You will still need to come in physically and complete the shooting portion of the class.
  • You must book online to schedule your practical shooting portion of the HQL. The practical shoot is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm at an additional charge of $15.00.
Gilbert Indoor Range

Zombie Night TBA

Gilbert Indoor Range

A separate vendor comes in every Sunday from 8 – 11 for fingerprinting. The fingerprinting vendor charges $60 and you pay them directly. You will need a computer with a camera and down the Google meet app to your device.

Do not use an iPhone, it will not work. If using a Mac, use Mozilla or Firefox for your browser.

You will still need to come in physically and shoot the firearm and get your certificate.

Typically, the physical shoot will be held on Thursday between 7 – 8, by appointment.

A separate vendor comes in every Sunday from 8 – 11 for fingerprinting. The fingerprinting vendor charges $60 and you pay them directly. You will need a computer with a camera and down the Google meet app to your device.

Fun Shoot July 18th and Dec 18

Starting at 5:00 ending at 7:00
Remember how much fun it was shooting cans and bottles in the field. Well, we are bringing it back indoors. We are going to be shooting tin cans, bottles, balloons, and other fun targets
Annual Members $20
Non-Annual $30
Preregistration required.

Your link to the class:

Gilbert Indoor Range

Home Defense Shotgun 101

Gilbert Indoor Range

December 19

This clinic covers the basic types, gauges(s), and operation of currently available fighting shotguns, safety issues, Class III issues, and selection criteria for ammunition. The practical portion of this clinic includes hands-on exercises for familiarization with different types of shotguns and live-fire exercises using your shotgun or one or more of ours. You can rent a shotgun if you do not have one. Preregistration is required.

Cost: $100.00

Range rental for parties and private events, please call or email for details.

With annual basic membership (ammo and gun rental extra) or a month free of unlimited range time with the class.

Handgun Qualification License (HQL) This class is required to purchase a hand gun in Maryland

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Only $60.00 plus rentals and ammo, plus you get a month of free range time to practice your skills.

Weekend classes start from 7:45 am – 12 noon.

This 4-hour course will cover the following:
(1) State Firearm Law.
(2) Home Firearm Safety.
(3) Handgun Mechanisms and Operation. (All bookings are nonrefundable)
(4) Operation and Handling Demonstration.
Fingerprinting $80 for the Federal and State background, gun rental, and ammo extra.

Gilbert Indoor Range

Defensive Pistol Level 1 TBA

Gilbert Indoor Range
  • Enhance body mechanics and muscle memorization
  • Prepare to deal with unexpected situations
  • Learn fast and useful techniques to use in an urban environment
  • Gain self-confidence with firearms handling
  • Move and shoot in a home/self-defense scenario
  • Firearm, eye, and ear protection are included. Must purchase ammo and targets, you can share and try different firearms.

Seats are limited, reservations are required.   

MD and Washington, DC Conceal Carry. The CCW class or renewal can be booked online by clicking on the yellow "Book Now" on the main page. (You will be only charged for the class, ammo and rentals are extra.)

8:00 am – 4:00 pm both days:
MD and DC renewal
Completion of this two-day course will satisfy one of the requirements for your application for a conceal carry permit in the district and Maryland.
Maryland certification $375.00 16 hours
District certification $375.00     16 hours

Gilbert Indoor Range

MD renewal $195.00 8 hour Bundle MD and DC $475.00 BUNDEL MD, DC and UTAH $550.00

Gilbert Indoor Range

Utah Conceal Carry Course

Given the same day as the HQL Class

Certified Instructors will be delivering this 4-hour course. No need to bring your gun because there is no live fire. This permit has reciprocity in about 31 states. Sorry, not Maryland. Check the following link for further details.

Time: 8:00 am –12:00 pm

Price: $80.00

Plus a Free Month of Unlimited Range Time

Utah DPS Concealed Firearm Permit FAQs

AR Carbine Class

July 24
8:00 am – 12 noon
TBA $95
223 ammo only $16.95 per 50 rounds
Carbine 101   4-hour course
This course is the first in a series of classes designed to introduce you to your rifle and the basic operation and functioning of the weapon system. Proper safety, handling, and use of the weapon system.

Course Content
Basic Operation and Function
Equipment placement and use
Zeroing of mechanical sights and Optics
Fundamentals of shooting
Mounting of the weapon
Instructor- Jon "Doc" Willoughby
Over 25 years of Experience Within the Military Law Enforcement and Protective Services Industries

Gilbert Indoor Range